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Essays on Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional Intelligence and Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Today, businesses face huge challenges. Statistics and studies show that there are many companies that are far from the ideal workplace. About forty percent of employee turnover is stress related and millions are leaving their jobs for reasons linked to stress. Goleman , 14 in his study revealed that the results he got from a survey of U. The issue of gender differences in the Emotional Intelligence draws controversy as such differences can currently be discovered or fail to, depending on the method used, either performance measures or self-report.

While some researches have found women to be more emotionally intelligent than men, other studies find a non-significant difference between the two.

Performance measures or ability tests are traditionally cognitive intelligence or performance tests that subjects are given specific tasks to solve and then their response is compared to a pre set score criteria Fatima Studies using self-report were very disparate.

In some cases, there is no significant difference found among self-reported men and women. A research done by Fatima, Imran and Awan , , found that there was no significant difference in the EI scores of male and female managers in the Pakistan hotel industry. In others, women emerge better while the opposite happens at other times.

In this regard, more research is essential.

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Goleman p. Motivated persons display key indicators such as optimism even when it seems like they are about to fail, a strong drive to achieve and organizational commitment Goleman, Salovey and Meyer mentioned motivation as part of emotional intelligence, but did not include it in presentation of their 4 branch model of emotional intelligence. On the other hand, Dan Goleman found a connection between motivation and EI. Goleman implies that someone with a high level of emotional intelligence has a higher motivation.

Emotional Intelligence Emotional intelligence is a term that was first used by Wayne Payne in his Doctoral thesis in EI Models To understand it, various people have developed different approaches together with theoretical models. Leadership The impact of emotional intelligence has been discussed in an aggressive manner since it was publicly introduced in The employees As seen above, EI has a significant effect on leadership in the workplace performance.

Gender disparity The issue of gender differences in the Emotional Intelligence draws controversy as such differences can currently be discovered or fail to, depending on the method used, either performance measures or self-report. Browse Essays. Home Page Essay Emotional Intelligence. Essay Emotional Intelligence Words 7 Pages. Show More. He suggested that "intrapersonal" and "interpersonal" intelligences were just as significant as the type of intelligence that was measured by IQ and other related tests. Meyer and Salovey defined emotional intelligence as, "the subset of social intelligence that involves the ability to monitor one's own and others' feelings and emotions, to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one's thinking and actions" They created a four factor model on emotional intelligence which included, the perception of emotion, the ability to reason using emotions, the ability to understand emotion and the ability to manage emotions.

According to Meyer and Salovey the four factor model "arranged from more basic psychological processes to. Essay Emotional Intelligence And Mental Intelligence Emotional intelligence is about how we manage our actions with both others and ourselves as a result of the emotions we feel. Read More.

Essay Emotional Intelligence - Words | Cram

Words: - Pages: 5. Essay Emotional Intelligence And Cognitive Intelligence one to analyze the psychological definition of intelligence. Words: - Pages: 4. Essay Social Intelligence And Emotional Intelligence skilled of social intelligence and emotional intelligence in individual and organization of the hospitality industry. Words: - Pages: 3.

Words: - Pages:.