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Stop Using Plagiarized Text. Across the world, many think of Jesus Christ as the symbol of purity, love, and all things good. Although it is impossible for any being, fa The idea of sin and original sin are important to the tension, suspense, and character development of The Old Man and the Sea.

Writing a synopsis for The Old Man and the Sea

Santiago, t In this paper it is necessary to distinguish the difference between perseverance and sheer stubbornness of which the main character of the s If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How about receiving a customized one? The Old Man and the Sea Essays.

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He prepares his harpoon and tells himself to be calm and strong. He continues to pull the line in, ignoring the vertigo.

≡Essays on The Old Man and The Sea. Free Examples of Research Paper Topics, Titles GradesFixer

But he immediately tries to get his composure and clear head again, for it is the issues of his survival. At last he stabs the great fish with his harpoon and almost fades at this. The victory is his. He killed the fish he used to call a brother. Now he has a slave work to do: to lash the fish to the boat and bring it to the shore.

An Unconventional Paper on an Unconventional Children's Tale

After lashing the huge fish, he heads home. Santiago drinks a quarter of the remaining water and catches some small shrimps in a bundle of seaweed. As the boat heads back to Cuba, the old man looks at the fish, still incapable to believe that he killed it. A whole hour passes before the first shark arrives, attracted by the scent of blood.


But he can kill it and the strike of his harpoon is successful. Santiago immediately crafts a new weapon of an oar and a knife. But its taste would inevitably attract more sharks. In two hours a couple of them arrives. Two shovel-nosed sharks attempt an attack and Santiago kills them both, but they take at least a quarter of his prize with them, choosing the best meat. New attacks follow and Santiago fights with sharks in every way he can but they leave him and the fish alone only when there was nothing to eat anymore.

In course of this battle, Santiago feels a strange coppery taste in his mouth. It is long after midnight when Santiago reaches the shore. Everybody is asleep at this time, so there is no one to help him. The old man tries to bring a mast with a sail into his shack, falls, lies for a while, than seats, looking at the empty road, and renews his labor. He has to take a rest five times before he reaches the shack. Here he drinks some water and finally gets an undisturbed sleep. He is still asleep when the boy comes into the shack in the morning.

He had checked the shack every morning, but today he slept longer than usual, because the wind had grown strong and boats were left ashore. He checks if the old man is breathing, sees his hands and starts to cry silently. He goes to bring some coffee and cries all the way along.

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He asks if the old man needs anything else and offers the boy to drink something, but Manolin just asks everyone not to disturb Santiago. He waits for the old man to wake up and gives him coffee. Santiago tells the boy that he was defeated and explains about sharks. Manolin tells him that a fisherman called Pedriko would take care of the boat and gear. The boy says that since now they will go fishing together, because the old man has lot of things to teach his apprentice. And now, while the coast wind blows, the old man will have some time to heal his hands and have a rest.

Santiago tells him about the pain in his chest and strange coppery-tasting liquid that he spat. The boy offers to bring him a clean shirt, promises to fetch some newspaper and leaves, crying again. Santiago, whose name is mentioned only several times, is an old skillful fisherman who had seen much better days. It is not his fault that he is now alone and seemingly had lost his luck.

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The Old Man and the Sea Essays

He stubbornly tries to catch a big fish that he would be able to sell, so tunas and dolphins are not enough for him. And even while the author hints at his upcoming death note those black spots in front of his eyes, the cramping of his left hand and, what is the most alarming, the pain in his chest and coppery, i. His epic battle with the marlin and the subsequent victory would rejoice any fisherman, for this catch would bring a fair amount of money, but for old Santiago who thinks about himself as the one who was born for this craft, it is even more important, because his reputation and dignity is now restored; he is not unlucky anymore.

Manolin is upset, because he loves the old man and sees his as a wise and experienced tutor. He is eager to learn everything that the old man is able to teach him. This looks and sounds in almost medieval fashion: an old master handing over a symbol of his mastership and wisdom to a young apprentice and heir. Relations between Manolin and Santiago work on several levels: young — old, hope — despair, apprentice — master and, of course, son — father, because the old man is a childless widower and the boy is his only companion at the dusk of his long life. Of course, the great marlin is not a mere fish and shark food.

Santiago acknowledges this by his admiration and respect to the huge, strong and beautiful sea creature. It is the prize, and while Santiago considers it as a catch that can feed him for a long time, he also understands that this huge marlin is his luck, a glorious and full-blooded evidence of his excellent skill in a work he was born to do. Sharks take its material value, but the measuring of skeleton shows that this fish was 18 feet long, it is the largest fish the villagers had ever seen; so, while Santiago would not receive any money for his epic battle, his staggering endurance and wounds, the restored dignity and reputation are his now forever.

The Old Man and the Sea is a multi-level text, where themes are naturally emerging from each other. The simplest example are relations between Santiago and Manolin that can be considered as tutoring, support, encouragement and so on. Thus, Hemingway marks the controversial nature of the sea, a source of nourishment and hurricanes and sharks at the same time. Santiago loves the sea, he spent all his life in it, he knows it and learns from it, but he also is careful and wary, marking seasons of good and bad weather, looking for winds and signs of hurricanes.

The important point is that he is not afraid of it, because everyone is a predator and prey at the same time, and the one once who was a hunter would eventually become a nourishment for other creature. Listing of themes of The Old Man and the Sea would be incomplete without themes of pride and endurance that thread the whole text. The old man is nearly starving, but he loathes begging — why should he, when he is an excellent fisher and someday he would catch a big fish? He just finds more ways to carry on, this stubborn and proud strange old man.

He was asleep in a short time and he dreamed of Africa when he was a boy and the long golden beaches and the white beaches, so white they hurt your eyes, and the high capes and the great brown mountains. He lived along that coast now every night and in his dreams he heard the surf roar and saw the native boats come riding through it. He smelled the tar and oakum of the deck as he slept and he smelled the smell of Africa that the land breeze brought at morning. The thousand times that he had proved it meant nothing.

Now he was proving it again. Each time was a new time and he never thought about the past when he was doing it. Why are the lions the main thing that is left?

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Tired and exhausted, Santiago is in dire need of help, but understands that there will be none. So he just wishes to sleep a little and see his favorite lions — a common symbol of pride which he values so much. Note the sentence about the need to prove himself worthy again; Santiago is humble enough to acknowledge that his previous deeds are insignificant now. For an hour the old man had been seeing black spots before his eyes and the sweat salted his eyes and salted the cut over his eye and on his forehead.

He was not afraid of the black spots.

They were normal at the tension that he was pulling on the line. Twice, though, he had felt faint and dizzy and that had worried him. Santiago is strong and durable even without taking his age into account, but at the same time, he is wary enough to note that something is wrong and this something can lead to his defeat and even death; it is a simple but beneficial skill for those who face a challenging situation alone. The Sea is an embodiment of Nature.

Marlin is the symbol of victory and reward in many senses.